Terrier Photo Shoot

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Had a great photo shoot with Ian and his two Terriers.

Bailey the Weimaraner

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Had an amazing dog photo shoot with Bailey the Weimaraner. This fellow is such a star ! His proud owner had this to say about the shoot…. ”Phil, was very accommodating, walking to the area where we wished the shoot to take place and we were so impressed with the images he produced. We couldn’t have […]

Rupert’s photo Shoot

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I had the pleasure of photographing Rupert the dog. Rupert is a handsome little chap , full of energy and just loves to play with his ball. Getting him to sit still was quite a challenge but I eventually managed to grab this shot of him sitting and looking at the camera.

Wow ! Ive been listed in top ten pet photographers in UK

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Wow….Ive been listed as one of the top pet photographers in the UK.   Such a great honour. https://cewe-photoworld.com/blog/inspiration/pet-photography-top-pet-photographers

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